Cameron and Leona Caught Fucking

Cameron had been dating Leona for two weeks now and he was certain that she was going to give it up after classes on Friday when she was coming over to work on a project they were doing together. Cameron had set up a video camera in the food pantry focused on the breakfast bar in the kitchen so that he could catch all the action on cam! When Leona arrived she went right in to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee like she usually did and then she went around and sat on Cameron’s lap at the breakfast bar. Cameron could already feel his cock getting harder as he lifted Leona’s shirt and popped her tits in his mouth.

It didn’t take much coercion on Cameron’s part and it wasn’t long before Leona slipped out of her skirt and panties and bent over the breakfast bar with her bare pussy staring Cameron right in the face! As Cameron rubbed his dick against her wet slit he could feel her pussy throbbing for his dick and finally when she could take no more she pushed backwards forcing his cock deep in to her wet slit! Cameron’s secret camera caught it all from the pantry!

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Minerva and Sampson Fucking

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Minerva hadn’t been seeing Sampson for very long at all when they both got invited to stay at the Teen Sex Reality House. The two of them had no idea what the house was all about but they knew that they were being offered money to stay there and they didn’t have to pay any rent so they jumped at the chance! The poor sex starved teens had no idea that there were going to be hidden cameras all over the house just waiting to catch them in the act!

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It was on the first night in the house that Minerva and Sampson got busted on the living room cam! Everyone else was in bed and they had stayed up late to talk but talking turned to kissing, kissing turned to touching and soon Minerva was jacking Sampson off and when he couldn’t take it anymore he plunged his aching cock deep in to her tight virgin slit! Neither of them had any clue that the camera hidden over the TV was catching every minute of their hot fucking action and as Minerva leaned back begging for Sampson to fuck her pussy deeper the night vision cam just kept on rolling!

Caz and Holly

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Holly and Caz had been staying at the hostel for a little while and while they’d both been flirting together they knew that the rules of the hostel said that they couldn’t fuck. Apparently fucking was disturbing to other guests in the hostel but one night after they’d both stayed up late watching a movie on the couch and Caz had slid his hand under Holly’s skirt they both knew they couldn’t wait anymore. Caz slid two fingers inside her tight twat and leaned over whispering in to her ear that he wished he could slide his fat cock inside her instead. Holly grabbed his hand and dragged him up to her room as quietly as she could.

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Little did Holly know that there was a hidden camera in each of the rooms but as the administrator of the hostel sat in his room watching the cams he saw Caz sliding his fingers inside Holly’s pussy while he rubbed his fat hard cock against her ass. The administrator pulled his dick out as he watched as Holly leaned back on to Caz’s throbbing cock, splitting her wet cunt lips around his fat dick. He could her her as she tried not to moan.

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Cal and Jaru Spycam Sex

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Check out these smoking hot clips from the spycam in the dorm where Cal and Jaru have been staying! There was a sort of orientation for a reality teen show at this dorm but the entrants for the show had no idea that there were hidden cameras all throughout the dorm and that even during the orientation they were turned on so that they’d capture every single second of sexy action. Well they must not have known because look what happened the very first night of orientation! Jaru’s mom surely can’t know what a whore her daughter turned out to be!

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Cal was sleeping on the couch because there weren’t enough beds for everyone and apparently Jaru couldn’t sleep because in the middle of the night she walks out to the couch completely naked and slides her hand under Cal’s covers. All it took for Cal to wake up was the brush of her hand against his cock and he was standing to attention and ready to go! As Cal sat up on the couch Jaru got down on all fours and slipped her warm moist lips around Cal’s cock in the dark! Check out more reality teen footage at Teen Sex Reality!

Secret Cam Teen Orgy

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Take a look at these hidden spycam videos of these hot three teens in their first orgy! Aleksandr had been talking to Daniel for days about getting their roommate Alice to fuck them. The guys had always had a thing for her and while she used to think they were just annoying guys lately she had been showing more interest, especially since her boyfriend had just broken up with her. The guys came up with their own plan to see if they could get Alice to go for it one day when she got home from work.

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Aleksandr was sitting on the couch completely naked and reading his book so that when Alice walked through the door she would see him laying there naked and they hoped that she would just jump on his cock. As it happened Alice did come home and find him laying there and sitting next to him she started to laugh at his “stunt” but she stopped laughing when Daniel came around the corner with his dick out as well. Alice bit her lip and thinking for just a second she reached out and brushed a hand against each of their already throbbing cocks. You can download the entire video over at Teen Sex Reality!

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Check out the action that the hidden came caught the other night. We get to see two barely legal lovers sharing a very intimate moment. She has no idea that the camera is there and she’s sharing with us some of her most lustful desires. When she things no one else is around, she loses all of her inhibitions and releases her inner slut. She may look sweet and innocent, but it’s not long before she’s showing her true colors. She loves men and the attention they give her. She needs their cock deep inside of her.

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This barely legal teen likes everything to think that she’s all sweet and innocent, but when she thinks no one is watching she becomes a dirty little nympho. Check out the hidden camera video clips of this slut in action. She had no idea that there was a camera watching and she showed her true colors. She was soon stripping out of her clothes, revealing her amazing teen body, right in the middle of the kitchen. The camera got a great look her body and recorded all of the hardcore action.

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Well, look what the hidden cam caught today. Check out these video clips of a blonde teen named Zara in action with her boyfriend. She has no idea that there’s a video camera set up and recording all of the action. And it’s watching every thing they do, not blinking. She looks so sweet and so innocent, but when she thinks no one is watching, she turns into a naughty teen whore. She loves sex and she loves getting fucked. Today, her boyfriend is fucking her from behind, or as she calls it fucking her like she’s a dirty slut!

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